Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cruiser in Difficulty on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked by Valentia Coast Guard Radio to assist a Cruiser  in difficulty near Mounthannon. The Cruiser was found anchored 200 metres from shore with onshore wind. Killaloe Coast Guard Unit  boarded the vessel and assessed any damage damage. The vessel was restarted and the Killaloe Coast Guard rescue rib escorted the cruiser, however  after 2 minute the boats engine cut out again. the fuel tank was low so in open swell the fuel flow was interrupted. The Cruiser brought under side by side tow into calm waters of Mountshannan Bay and then escorted into harbour.

09/09/2012  12:18

Conditions:Heavy Chop
Wind:S Force NULL
Sea State:Moderate
Sea Swell:Moderate Rough