Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pollution averted on Lough Derg

While Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was attending an event on river there was a large spill of fuel oil noticed in the Killaloe area by a member of the public. MRSC Valentia requested  Killaloe Coastguard Unit  to investigate the source of the spill. The pollution was traced back  to a be rib  in Derg Marina. A large fuel oil spill was coming from the vessel. The engine hatch was opened and the engine bay was full of the fuel oil mixture.

The spill was contained by Killaloe Coast Guard Unit by placing pollution booms around the vessel. The owner of Derg Marina was notified of the incident and asked to contact `the owner of the vessel, the owner was requested to remove vessel from river due to the large amount of fuel leaking from vessel.

18/09/2011 1500