Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fire at Harbour Village

Killaloe Coast Guard were requested to assist Gardai, Killaloe and Ennis fire service at Harbour Villalge Killaloe when a call came in stating that a boat was on fire and a person was in the water.
The person in the water water was recovered by the gardai and an extensive operation was then undertaken by all the services on scene to stop further damage to other moored craft. The initial boat on fire was moved out from the moorings but not before a second boat took flame. The first craft was burned to the hull and sank at mooring no 10, the second boat was burnt to the deck at berth no 20, two other boats were fire damaged. The Killaloe Gardai are investigating.

Task 44/2008
26/10/08 20:13hrs
Weather Mild slight breeze