Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dolphins Stranded at Bunratty

Killaloe coastguard were tasked to Bunratty where 3 common Dolphins were caught above Bunratty bridge due to low tide.
Valentia Coast Guard Radio had concerns that members of the public would try to enter the water in an attempt to rescue them and endanger their own safety.
When Killaloe Coast Guard arrived the Dolphins were in a deep pool of water above Bunratty bridge, they had tryed to pass under the bridge but the water was too shallow.
Bunratty Rescue were on scene and attempted to return them to the main river.
Despite high levels of water in the river the dolphins remained there.
Due to poor weather and the time of the evening and members of the public had dispersed
Killaloe Coat Guard Unit were stood down and returned to base

31/03/2013 16:00hrs