Saturday, 26 May 2012

Swimmers in Danger on Lough Derg

The Officer in Charge Joe Doolan received a call from Valentia MRCC  (who had also requested Killaloe Gardai to respond) reporting that they had had a call from a Member of the the Public about unsocial and possible dangerous/distruptive water behaviour in the 'Lough Derg' Area. Killaloe Coast Guard Launched its rescue rib who assisted the Garda  at a popular public amenity  Two Mile Gate and observed and spoke to multiple Jet Skiers. Killaloe also sent a mobile team to assist, Killaloe Coast Guard Officer in Charge spoke to Killaloe Gardai who had already spoken to various Jet Skiers, explaining rules of the waterway. Joe Doolan also explained Navigation rules to various Jet skiers. It was also pointed out that there is an issue with position of buoys at the beach area at Two Mile Gate presenting a danger for children swimming close to the shoreline at the beach area.

All Power Craft are requested to observe the Navigation By-Laws

26/05/2012 17:00