Friday, 3 June 2011

Search on the River Shannon.

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked by Valentia MRSC when a fisherman reported a fishing boat a drift whit no one on board on the lower lake below Killaloe. The fisherman had observed a person on the same boat 1.5hrs before and as the keys life jacket etc were still on board, a major search of the area was conducted by the Killaloe Coast Guard Rib "DALTON", Rescue 115 the Irish Coast Guard Helicopter from Shannon and a land search team from Killaloe Coast Guard. On investigation it was discovered that two boats from the local area had been stolen during the previous night and that the boat found adrift was one of these. After forthy five minutes the search was stood down as nothing was found.

03/06/2011 17:47 
9 knots

Dry, 24°C, Mild