Monday, 25 April 2011

Pollution Averted as Barge Sinks on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked by Valentia MRSC to a 60' Barge that was sinking at its mooring on Lough Derg. The Killaloe Coast Guard Unit dispatched two vehicles with crew and salvage pumps by road and the rescue boat "DALTON" was sent to place anti-pollution booms to avoid pollution to Lough Derg.

After many hours it was obvious that even with four pumps and a slurry tank the barge had sat on the bottom listing to the starboard. A second slurry tank and the fire & rescue service from Nenagh then assisted to no avail. All Services were stood down and the Killaloe Coast Guard returned to base.

09/2011 11:45 * 19:00
NE 6 knots
Light Very Cloudy,
Dry, 11°C, Mild