Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hired Cruiser Hits Killaloe Bridge.

Call to MRSC Valentia  from a member of the local Coast Guard Unit that a Hired Cruiser had struck Killaloe Bridge. The Cruiser was holed and taken on water two members of the local Coast Guard were on scene and evacuated the 6 persons and dog to the mooring in front of Molly's Bar. The Killaloe Coast Guard Mobile unit was tasked to Derg Marina with salvage pumps while the Coast Guard Rescue Boat "Dalton" also responded to the scene. It was decided that in order to save the Vessel from sinking that the Coast Guard would run the Cruiser aground in the shallows at Ballyvalley. Once the Cruiser was secured and could sink no further Killaloe Coast Guard stood down and informed the hire company.

03/04/2011 16:21

Clear, Dry
  • 14km Light Winds, SW

  • 7°C Cold