Sunday, 1 August 2010

Navigation Bye-Laws

Killaloe Coast Guard was asked by their divisional control Valentia Coast Guard to investigate a report of a Cruiser that nearly swamped a lake boat with a number of children on board on Lough Derg. Upon investigation Killaloe Coast Guard would like to remind all water users on Lough Derg of the Bye-Laws that exist plus the importance of courtesy of larger or faster craft to be vigilant of smaller less stable boats.

The Shannon Navigation Bye-Laws and the Shannon Navigation (Construction of Vessels) Bye Laws are contained in Statutory Instruments Nos. 79 and 80 of 1992. These may be purchased for a small fee from the Government Publication Sales Office, Molesworth St., Dublin 2. An abridged list of the main Bye Laws are set out below. These are also printed on the Shannon Navigation Charts.

1. Always keep to the marked channel.
Red On Left Going upstream and into bays & harbours. Black on Right
Black On Left Going downstream and out of bays & harbours Red on Right
2. Keep a good distance off all navigation markers. Keep clear of weirs.
3. When meeting an approaching vessel, keep to the right of the channel so that you pass each other on the left-hand side.
4. If you meet a vessel crossing from your right and there is a danger of collision, you must give way.
5. When overtaking leave the other vessel on your right hand side. You must keep out of its way when doing so and it must leave you sufficient room to overtake.
6. Keep to the marked navigation arch when negotiating bridges. Use the arch to your right when more than one arch is available.
7. When going upstream at a bridge, give way to vessels coming downstream.
8. You must give way to vessels under sail.
9. Keep a good lookout and navigate with care, caution and reasonable consideration of others.
10. It is an offence to navigate when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


11. It is an offence to exceed 5 km per hour within 200m of a bridge or jetty and within 100m of a lock, harbour, moored vessel or in a canal. Reduce speed when passing swimmers, anglers and small boats.
12. Always approach locks slowly and keep out of the way of vessels exiting. When in a lock, do not refuel and do not light cookers or any other appliances with a naked flame. When there is more than one vessel in the lock, switch off your engine. When leaving the lock, do so at slow speed.
13. Ensure that you have adequate headroom when passing under bridges. If in doubt, at Roosky or Tarmonbarry, request that the bridge be raised. Portumna Bridge must be opened and the Lough Allen Canal footbridge must be raised. Always check air draft gauges at Limerick before passing under bridges

01/08/10 14:30
Forecast For Lough Derg until nightfall today
Wind(Beaufort) : Northwest 2 or 3.
Weather : Isolated showers.
Visibility : Good.
Winds Overnight : Light, northwesterly or calm.
Outlook for tomorrow : Winds backing southwest to south, light to moderate, before veering moderate, westerly later. Rain and drizzle developing through the afternoon.