Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Boat Adrift on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard was called to assist a 16’ Day Cruiser that was adrift off Ryninch Lower approx. two miles NE of Killaloe. A member of the public who observed the crew waving for assistance rang the local Gardai who then contacted the Irish Coast Guard. Due to a 19km WSW wind there was immediate danger of the boat being blown on to rocks. The Coast Guard arrived within 10minutes of the alarm been raised to find that a smaller boat was towing the injured craft. There were 5 persons of foreign nationality with no life jackets on board who refused the assistance of the Coast Guard. The Killaloe Coast Guard Unit continued to monitor the boat being towed with difficulty to Ballina Slip.


23/08/2010 19:17hrs

Weather Dry, Cloudy,

Wind WSW 19Km