Thursday, 6 May 2010

JSAR Games 2010

Four members of the Killaloe Coast Guard Unit Damian Quigley, Christy Carey, Geoffrey Carey, Christopher O Gorman will be part of the Valentia Team in this years SAR games which will be held in Mullroy Co Donegal. Killaloe members have been part of the Valentia overall winning team in the past,  D Quigley in 2008 and 2009, G Carey in 2009. Mr Michael Quigley Officer in Charge will also travel as a  judge for the event.

Each year a different theme for the Games is selected. The theme of the event, this year is “From Ship Yard to Ship Wreck” was chosen as our Station is based in the local Boat Yard where numerous ships have been built down through the years and there have also been high numbers of wreckages in the area; one of which can be seen from the Station.
General JSAR information

Coast Guard Volunteers from the four corners of Ireland have converged this last 4 years for a training exercise with a difference! Mulroy Coast Guard Unit, based in Downings, Co. Donegal, is the base for the 2010 Joint Search and Rescue (JSAR) games which involve members of the Northern Ireland Coastguard and the Irish Coast Guard. Now in its fifth year, the event aims to increase the professionalism of all participants and to enhance co-operation between both Services' through friendly competition. The dates for the weekend are the 7th – 9th of May 2010.
Twelve team members from each division (Malin, Valentia, Dublin and Northern Ireland) compete in the events. Each of the four-person teams are either competing on behalf of their division, or are part of an inter-divisional (North-South) team, trying to secure one of the four awards up for grabs at this year's games. There will be two teams per Division (e.g. Valentia A and Valentia B, made up of four people each from that Division) and 4 mixed team with one person from each Division making up the teams.
During the competitions the 48 competitors, will be faced with a range of emergency situations which they may encounter throughout their service and some with a more light hearted twist on team work and communications. These competitions will test the skills they use in their emergency service roles. These will include leadership, search planning, chart work, communications, compass work, first aid, helicopter landing procedures and rope work.

The Captain Kirwan Cup will be awarded to the best overall team; the JSAR Shield will be presented to the best divisional team; the Canadian Award will be presented to the best inter-divisional team and the fourth award, a silver cup, will be awarded to the competitor who has exhibited the best leadership skills.